by lisimoosmann


– Hillary Chute, Disaster Drawn, Visual Witness, Comics, and Documentary Form

Goya´s effect on the world of comics has been profound.


– Wendy Cope, Two Cures for Love

1. Don’t see him. Don’t phone or write a letter.
2. The easy way: get to know him better.


– Lisa Ginzburg, Spietati i mansueti

How ruthless are the gentle—
How cruel are the kind—
God broke his contract to his Lamb
To qualify the Wind—

Sabine mangia pochissimo. Del trauma che ha conosciuto, l’inappetenza è la sola spia visibile. Una traccia che Didier però si ostina a ignorare. Illuso di saperle offrire ciò di cui lei ha bisogno, tutte le sere fa da mangiare; dedito, cieco.


Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, Seinfeldia: How a show about nothing changed everything

Jerry Seinfeld ventured into a Korean deli one night in November 1988 with fellow comic Larry David after both had performed at the Catch a Rising Star comedy club on the Upper East Side of New York City. Seinfeld needed David’s help with what could be the biggest opportunity of his career so far, and this turned out to be the perfect place to discuss it.


– Nathalie Léger,  Suite for Barbara Loden

Someone who knew Barbara Loden well told me, She said it is easy to be avant-garde, but it is really difficult to tell a simple story well. 


– Laura Cumming, The Vanishing Velazquez

He was Velasco, Valasky, Valasca, Valesques, like the conjugations of an irregular verb.


Dorothea Lasky, Rome

This has and has always been about
The real
Bloody and awful
Twisting and twisting
Love is a strange dance
I do with myself
But I won’t give up


– Una, Becoming Unbecoming

People did try to help me, but this consisted mainly of demonstrating concern about my behaviour, my state of mind, or my school work. From this I understood I was either mad, bad, or thick.


– Elsa Morante, L´isola di Arturo

Intorno alla nostra nave, la marina era tutta uniforme, sconfinata come un oceano. L’isola non si vedeva più.


– Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Cafe

You can talk about this cocktail and make philosophy out of it.


– Sophie Pinkham, Black Square: Adventures in the Post-Soviet World

Ever since we´d met, Kotik the golden-haired guitarist had been telling me about the Crimean cape of Meganom. Once a Soviet military base, Meganom had remained undeveloped, without houses, resorts, public beaches, or roads, unlike the rest of Crimea, which was packed with tourists. Kotik was a hippie at heart, and Meganom was his imaginative home, the dream of paradise around which he organized his existence.


– Merritt Tierce, Love Me Back

I´m a hard worker, I tell the manager.


– Claudia Roth Pierpont, American Rhapsody

Writing a story called “Beatrice Palmato,” Edith Wharton got no further than an outline and a single two-page scene, exquisitely detailed and explicitly pornographic, in which a father lovingly completes the sexual initiation of his daughter.


– Lara Feigel, The Bitter Taste of Victory

Entering Cologne in March 1945, Gellhorn wondered if what she saw was too nightmarish to be real. This seemed not so much a city as ‘one of the great morgues of the world’. But she did not grieve for the devastation because she was too appalled by the spectacle of ‘a whole nation passing the buck’: no one was prepared to admit to being a Nazi. This was a view shared by the photographer Lee Miller, who found the inhabitants of Cologne ‘repugnant in their servility, hypocrisy and amiability’.


– Emily Witt, Future Sex

I had never had a coregasm and my sexual expectations conformed to widely held, government-sanctioned ideals. I was single, and now in my thirties, but I still envisioned my sexual experience eventually reaching a terminus, like a monorail gliding to a stop at Epcot Center. I would disembark, find myself face-to-face with another human being, and there we would remain in our permanent station in life: the future.


– Rossella Milone, Il silenzio del lottatore

Mi sentivo sopraffatta, quasi violentata: c’era improvvisamente troppa vita che mi spingeva via, che mi allontanava da tutto ciò che mi era familiare. Intuivo che ce n’era un’altra, in agguato e del tutto estranea, pronta a fagocitarmi.


– Gail Buckland, Who shot Sports? A Photograpic History, 1843 to the Present

The decisive moment.


– Kristin Dombeck, The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism

But the moment you begin to find that the other lacks empathy – when you find him inhuman – is a moment when you can´t feel empathy, either.


– Ubah Cristina Ali Farah, Il comandante del fiume

Se qualcuno pensa che mi metterò a recitare il mea culpa si sbaglia di grosso.


– Lavinia Greenlaw, The Importance of Music to Girls

Growing up in Seventies provincial England was like being subjected to a stronger form of gravity.


– Jen George, The Babysitter at Rest

I was sexually attractive, which is highly valued in college and art circles as well as in other hierarchical scenes mimicking the structure of capitalism wherein older men with large hands finger younger women who read novels and possibly write or paint or play an instrument and make declarative statements such as, “If I had to work at an office in Midtown nine to five I’d jump off the George Washington Bridge” or “I’ve never been out of the country.”


– Lalla Romano, Una giovinezza inventata

Suppongo che a quel tempo le valige fossero tutte a soffietto; comunque la nostra io la portavo con disinvoltura. Era di pellecome faceva notare mammae non pareva che in fatto di valige si potesse andare più in là.


– Meredith Trede, Tenement Threnody und andere Gedichte

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Men said things like that.

You know how to whistle, don’t you?

Just put your lips together and blow.

We know a woman said that,

At least in the movies. The camera

Was there. But she didn’t write

The lines; they were scripted for her.


Niina Polari, Dead Horse

the doctor said “Do you feel tenderness”
She was touching me

No, I said, not mostly
She said “You have very fibrous breast tissue I would not be surprised
If you felt tenderness during your period”


– Lauren Holmes, Barbara the Slut and Other People

James didn’t do well with the rules, so I had to make more rules–no surprising me outside of my classes on the days we weren’t supposed to hang out, and then no surprising me even on the days we were supposed to hang out. Then no surprising me with my favorite breakfasts from the dining hall when I was on my way out of my dorm. And then no surprising me at all, for any reason. Basically, my first year of college was a total bust. I didn’t make any friends, and I didn’t do well in any of my classes, and I didn’t learn anything about life. All I did was date James. And by the end of the year I didn’t even want to do that.


– Alona Frankel, Girl: My Childhood and the Second World War

They were always with me. The lice. My lice.


– Yaa Gyasi, Homegoing

That night, Baaba woke Effia up while she was sleeping on the floor of their hut. Effia felt the warmth of her mother’s breath against her ear as she spoke. “When your blood comes, Effia, you must hide it. You must tell me and no one else,” she said. “Do you understand?” She handed Effia palm fronds that she had turned into soft, rolled sheets. “Place these inside of you, and check them every day. When they turn red, you must tell me.”


– Gina Wynbrandt, Somebody please have sex with me?

I didn´t know vaginas could stretch so much…


– Candice Millard, Hero of the Empire, The Making of Winston Churchill

What an awful thing it will be if I don’t come off … It will break my heart for I have nothing else but ambition to cling to.


– Joann Fletcher, The Story of Egypt

Within their rich body of myth and legend, the Egyptians believed that ‘in the beginning’ was complete darkness.


– Robin R. Cutler, Such Mad Fun, Ambition and Glamour in Hollywood´s Golden Age

My mother was twenty-three when Fitzgerald brought her this copy of Tender is the Night. She’d been an art student and aspiring author on its publication date in 1934. Three years later, the snappy dialogue in her short stories caught the interest of celebrated Hollywood agent, H. N. (“Swanie”) Swanson; within a few months she was hard at work at MGM.


– Erika Lust, Blog

Sex and all that.